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October 07 2018

Are you sure those 3 milion views (where'd you get those numbers from) are organic?
There are other ways to police a community guideline than a hand full of homogenous moderators (currently the soupies are quite a dick party, aren't they, I wonder why. for a while a woman was a main dev on soup). There are many ways to govern a little community democratically or in other ways, in the end it is a free question of design. Some ways of moderation are currently tried out on different social plattforms, may it be user voting systems on different levels for general content visibility or something else. I haven't tested all of them yet.
As for now I expressed the way I'd like soup to develop, because its user base develops and in my opinion it can't stand still on this matter when new design decisions have to be made.

We could even start collectively tagging things in left neutral right content instead of spam/illegal/porn and implement a feature to be able to blend certain stuff out.
But I seriously ask myself... what is the goal of people who come here to insult (I mean what tf even is this) and express their desire to harm certain kinds of people. How is this a thing anybody wants to have around them? Do people really think the people they insult find this funny or anything? In the real world people would push this behaviour out of their community, because of their dangerousness and harmfullness. I don't understand how you can't consider this behaviour as "bad" and understand why people have a bad feeling being on soup.
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The ignore feature here does not compare to a proper blocking feature as one still sees posts of the ignored people reposted to the friends soup
and it can't keep the ignored people away from your account or control their actions concering your posts in another way. I do not see my browsing experience where it potentially could be. 
I actually posted and publicly addressed some CP soups in a post I made 1-2 years ago. Sadly I can't find it. I do not know if it was deleted by the downtime incident last year. The content was pretty explicit and easily illegal, 1-2 clicks through the followers of those soups and I quickly recognized a few familar (polish) anime avatar (TM) soup accounts. I wish I had heard of at least a single user being arrested because of posting child porn, trust me.
I know of one case solely, the man behind the account here had little children himself and posted loli tendencies, more explicit stuff on other plattforms. He deactivted all of his social media and deleted the content. I don't know what exactly happened, but of course after the incident last year his soup is all here again....

It is in any case not a nice experience, a good feeling or something the like to be part of a small community that is open for stating that certain types people as a collective should be killed and tortured or not be allowed to live in peace,
or that is willing to accept widely illegal stuff just because someone is scared of breaking fReEdOm Of SpEecH.
When I read that soup is being sold I thought "oh my as soon as someone sees the trash on /everyone they think, This better be dead, no one's gonna be willing to invest in this". There are obviously some other investment blockers, but for me this is clearly one of them. The public image is getting ruined, because it has the power to become a hostile place (especially for minorities) no sane person wants to enter anymore if that kind of content is rising or unrestrained.
A blocking feature will not solve this issue.
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I don't know about it yet.
Some other people will be out of here too if the unmaintained state of soup continues and the new owner(s) will make steps towards "free speech means I can post my child prn and dehumanizing shit whereever I want, community guidelines are for rats".
I live in Berlin, nobody here follows rules, because it became too large and poor to be cared for properly. It is awful like that. Soup isn't too big and will shrink after a remake because lots of old and inactive accounts might vanish.
I have zero interest in being at a place where being antisocial and insulting other users is a protected rule. I see social media plattforms breaking down because of that. I come to soup to rest.

A blocking feature is not implemented for soup. I would be willing to invest for the development of a proper one, including removing comments of strangers on own posts (or even write one myself in case I'll have time).
I don't know how much I'll be able to get involved in all of this community thing if it requires leaking personal information, because I fear a threat of the said group of people.
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October 02 2018

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September 29 2018

"cot cot cot" which is the sound that little chicken make in French
"c'est trop mignon"  (it is too cute)
"si mignon" (so cute)
"allô" (hello?)
"bisou bisou" (little kisses, peck peck)
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September 26 2018

this is how I sit on my couch all day
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September 19 2018

ja weird enough, und aus welcher Motivation heraus?
Angst, dass persönlicher Content in falsche Hände gerät? (kann mich bei dem acc gar nicht an großartig sensiblen Kram erinnern)
oder einfach Kurzschlussreaktion wegen ungewisser Zukunft der Seite?
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September 18 2018

was möchtest du mir damit sagen?
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August 20 2018

so the current plant counter is at 7, give me some weeks more and I'll reach the goal in the picture
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August 07 2018

on the first visit of one of my exgirlfriends in my flat we woke up in the morning and she sat on the bed like this, not noticing what I could see, it was better than any sunset
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July 28 2018

3850 b0c8 500
oh yeah I got some nice pictures
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July 14 2018


July 13 2018

wir sind so klein
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July 07 2018

the sentence structure is quite minimalistic.
As long as the person on the picture is not a minor Austrian law allows pornography
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July 05 2018

how I'm gonna be during the Semesterferien cause I'mma be buying a shitload of plants after the last exam B)
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June 26 2018

how do you stop comparing yourself to others? it seems to always happen kind of automatically ...
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June 24 2018

I can understand that there could be an explicit hate movement concerning Korea in Japan due to historic reasons. When it comes to hate for kpop in western countries it's usually the common racism, homophobia, or weird phobias driven by rambling men on reddit whose thinking box is very narrow and who think music is only possible in English, Spanish, German (only if it's Rammstein) or Japanese because they know it from their animu-s.

Sometimes here it's more of a problem that fans don't know about the Japan-Korea history and unite both in a naive manner, also at public events. It should maybe be handled a bit more sensitive, but on the other hand we are a young/new generation who grew up without war in East Asia and celebrate both nations' bubbling (pop) cultures,  which seems like a nice thing to do in general.
We might even witness some further peaceful approaches concerning the NK-SK conflict... Moon is giving his best, and he also is a fan of the kpop groups that aim to spread some joy and bring some people together all over the globe, as he stated on twitter a while ago.

That distro website looks really creepy, I wouldn't download anything from it xD But also nothing exceptional, I would except conspiracy theorists like that to rely on linux as an OS.

> I’m worried that Japan may become isolated among East Asian countries if it doesn’t change course.

p.s. I think Japan is for now the biggest partner for kpop agencies, as they have many big concerts there, some kpop groups are also in contract with some Japanese labels and publish all Japanese albums or song versions, do promotions exclusively for Japanese fans. But the trend is going more and more global, I think.
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June 23 2018

I usually prepare jjajangmyeon freshly myself, like today B), and I also tried the instant version one time... personally, I couldn't really taste a difference, but I really like jjajang dishes in general. Best with some spicy, high-garlic side dishes :-) I also hope you are successful with your jjajangjourney
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June 20 2018

why are you literally cutting off the creator of the tweet?
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