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Are you sure those 3 milion views (where'd you get those numbers from) are organic?
There are other ways to police a community guideline than a hand full of homogenous moderators (currently the soupies are quite a dick party, aren't they, I wonder why. for a while a woman was a main dev on soup). There are many ways to govern a little community democratically or in other ways, in the end it is a free question of design. Some ways of moderation are currently tried out on different social plattforms, may it be user voting systems on different levels for general content visibility or something else. I haven't tested all of them yet.
As for now I expressed the way I'd like soup to develop, because its user base develops and in my opinion it can't stand still on this matter when new design decisions have to be made.

We could even start collectively tagging things in left neutral right content instead of spam/illegal/porn and implement a feature to be able to blend certain stuff out.
But I seriously ask myself... what is the goal of people who come here to insult (I mean what tf even is this) and express their desire to harm certain kinds of people. How is this a thing anybody wants to have around them? Do people really think the people they insult find this funny or anything? In the real world people would push this behaviour out of their community, because of their dangerousness and harmfullness. I don't understand how you can't consider this behaviour as "bad" and understand why people have a bad feeling being on soup.
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