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I don't know about it yet.
Some other people will be out of here too if the unmaintained state of soup continues and the new owner(s) will make steps towards "free speech means I can post my child prn and dehumanizing shit whereever I want, community guidelines are for rats".
I live in Berlin, nobody here follows rules, because it became too large and poor to be cared for properly. It is awful like that. Soup isn't too big and will shrink after a remake because lots of old and inactive accounts might vanish.
I have zero interest in being at a place where being antisocial and insulting other users is a protected rule. I see social media plattforms breaking down because of that. I come to soup to rest.

A blocking feature is not implemented for soup. I would be willing to invest for the development of a proper one, including removing comments of strangers on own posts (or even write one myself in case I'll have time).
I don't know how much I'll be able to get involved in all of this community thing if it requires leaking personal information, because I fear a threat of the said group of people.
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