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attract me:
they have a very warm aura, speak gently and know much about science. and when they explain something about science to you, they do it so that they don't seem arrogant, but rather like you can feel that they are smart and know many things/are experienced, and know how to explain it to you in the proper way, just on your level, and still show enough self-criticism and are humble but confident.
Also people who can make good and creative, quick jokes, people who can interpret art and nature, people with nice butts, people who speak French as a foreign language, people with dialects spoken at places were I used to grow up at, people who think about the importance of genuine kindness, trust and understanding, people who make attractive food, dance well, have a highly expressive face, use a high variety of facial play to support what they want to express, people who smell familiar or just very good, ....
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