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The person from the article really sounds somewhat sick/obsessed, because of the obsessive thoughts about likes and so on.
I got my first smartphone rather late, also I was used to communicate via jabber, but few to no one else in my local social environment did, I didn't use most of the apps they used because of tracking, malware or data privacy issues.
But those reasons were hardly never accepted or understood.
Your reason will disappoint people, make them think you don't want to know them, especially possible new acquaintances. Your chances to meet new people and stick to them shrinks to the absolute minimum, especially people who are socially well-integrated and can provide you social stability with that. At least that's the case for people with my personality type, who don't do social drugs, are not that easy about just meeting strangers at loud places.
I wish it wasn't like that, because of course, as stated in the article, the obsession and pressure about that is not that good either, but deleting social media as a young adult is the best way to kick you straight into the hell of isolation and quicksand depression.
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